In PPC, It’s OK to be Negative

Rob ReedPay Per Click Management

  Why? Because being negative can help you find irrelevant traffic before it finds you. When managing your PPC accounts, one thing you must regularly do is run search query reports in Adwords and Bing Ads to uncover all queries that are resulting in unqualified impressions or clicks, and add those in as negatives. Doing this can really help narrow down your keyword list and prevent unqualified traffic from seeing your ad and not clicking – which prevents your impressions from skyrocketing and therefore lowering your click-through rate. But negatives also can prevent people from clicking on your ads, costing … Read More

The Grass is Always Greener on Both Sides of the SEM Fence

Rob ReedOnline Advertising, Pay Per Click Management

  While most online marketers agree that SEO and PPC are an essential in search engine marketing, many people are on only one side of the fence.  There are chest thumpers of the SEO lands, and a proud army of equal size in the lands of PPC. But why are we putting SEO up against PPC, and warring, when really they should be working together?  We ask that you understand that PPC should complement SEO and vice versa, and the two should be nothing less than the best of friends.  And here’s why: Keyword Tools Are Not Perfectly Accurate We … Read More

Surviving a Paid Search Dry Spell

Rob ReedPay Per Click Management

  Anyone who has been working on a Paid Search account for a while probably reaches a point of inspiration deficiency.  A new PPC account can be like a new toy: fun to set up, play with, show off and watch how it behaves.  But like any toy, your PPC account can become no longer new, shiny and exciting – and can even eventually come to bore you. Tragically, this boredom can lead to neglect, and neglect will eventually damage your account’s overall profitability. So how does one rekindle the old flame with their PPC account?  Get a little creative … Read More

A Picture [ad] is Worth a Thousand Clicks

Rob ReedPay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is no longer a special secret in the back pocket of some refined online marketers.  Instead, it is a popular tool utilized by businesses galore [as well their competition].  As a result, it is important that PPC advertisers continue to find ways to set their ads apart.  As online marketing […]

Landing Page Optimization: Five Elements that Can Impact Conversion Rates

Rob ReedWebsite Conversion

Optimizing your landing pages is probably the most significant activity you can do to increase conversion rates for your pay per click advertising. Just a small improvement in your conversion rate can lead to a significant increase in profits. In fact, a good landing page is usually the difference between making or losing money in […]