The Grass is Always Greener on Both Sides of the SEM Fence

Rob ReedOnline Advertising, Pay Per Click Management

  While most online marketers agree that SEO and PPC are an essential in search engine marketing, many people are on only one side of the fence.  There are chest thumpers of the SEO lands, and a proud army of equal size in the lands of PPC. But why are we putting SEO up against PPC, and warring, when really they should be working together?  We ask that you understand that PPC should complement SEO and vice versa, and the two should be nothing less than the best of friends.  And here’s why: Keyword Tools Are Not Perfectly Accurate We … Read More

Should You Trust Google Data?

Rob ReedGoogle AdWords, Pay Per Click Management

I’m a pretty big fan of Google. They have their shortcomings, like any other big company, but overall I’ve had a pretty favorable impression of them. After a recent finding, however, I must say that my level of trust in the organization has decreased a bit. I’ve been working with a client to optimize their large pay-per-click campaign. They spend a few thousand dollars each day on PPC programs. I was conducting some analysis as a part of a PPC consulting project and found something that was quite disturbing in the Google data. I was using the external Google keyword … Read More