What is the Best AdWords Ad Position for Conversion Rates?

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What’s the best Google AdWords ad position (ad rank) for the best conversion rates? That’s a loaded question, but the answer appears to be: it depends! It depends on a number of interdependent factors and the only way to truly find out the answer is to test, test and test some more. Some of the factors that will determine the best ad position for conversions include: Industry Product or service offered Competitive ads Organic search results where ads appear Keyword phrases used Time of day Day of week Time of year Ad copy headline Ad copy body Ad copy display … Read More

Pay Per Click Case Study – Increased Pay Per Click Bottom-Line Profit by 383%!

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The following Pay Per Click Study summarizes the results from my PPC ProfitMax service for a paid search client in the apparel industry. ProfitMax is one of my most popular pay per click management services. Paid Search Client Situation Small apparel company sells through an online store. Spends over $2,500 per day on paid search programs on all major paid search platforms. Participated in pay per click programs from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft for over two years and became nicely profitable – achieving ROI well into double digits. Paid search programs managed in-house. Client hired Terrakon Marketing to conduct a … Read More

What Are Typical Pay Per Click Management Pricing Models?

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  If you’re just beginning to research the efficacy of pay per click advertising, including the cost/pricing/rates/fees for pay per click management, or perhaps evaluating the pay per click management pricing of your current vendor, I’ve summarized several of the possible PPC management pricing models I’ve seen over the past eleven years. Which is the best ppc pricing model? It really depends on your specific situation, but below are a few possibilities. If you landed on this page, but are looking for Terrakon Marketing pricing, you can click the link to learn my pay per click management pricing. Per Keyword … Read More

New Pay Per Click Management Blog

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I’m in the process of moving over all of the pay per click content from the old website and blogs. You’ll notice some very old content (9 years) from when I first started blogging about pay per click advertising. I’ll be adding some brand new pay per click content very soon! Rob

How to “Like” Facebook Ads

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  Facebook’s 400 million [and growing]  active users as a group spend more time on the platform than on any other website in the world, freely sharing information about themselves from their favorite music and activities, to photo albums of their recent vacation spots…their likes, dislikes, college affiliation, marriage status, etc. With this treasure trove of consumer information just sitting out there on the Internet, it’s no surprise that marketers are putting their advertising dollars there in the form of highly targeted ads.  A recent survey of advertising executives by Myers Publishing LLC named Facebook the No. 1 website in … Read More