Pay Per Click Audit – Eleven Success Factors for Profitable Pay Per Click Campaigns

Have you been running your Paid Search, also called Pay Per Click (PPC), programs in-house or through an outsourced digital advertising firm? Terrakon Marketing’s Pay Per Click Audit provides an unbiased evaluation of your current pay per click advertising campaigns and efforts. Developed from over eleven years of pay per click management, my Pay Per Click Audit evaluates 11 different success factors critical to running profitable PPC campaigns. Let me assess the work that has been done to drive traffic to your site and make specific recommendations for driving more profitable traffic to your website.

Not doing paid search yet, but want to know if pay per click advertising may be a good fit for your business? Consider my Pay Per Click Assessment instead. Although similar to the Pay Per Click Audit, the Pay Per Click Assessment is designed specifically for businesses that have never tried paid search advertising.

Terrakon Marketing’s eleven pay per click success factors evaluated in the Pay Per Click Audit include:


  • How does your market compare to other online markets?
  • How competitive is the market both online and offline?
  • Do you sell products or services that afford higher margins?


  • What are the demographics of the visitors who search on the keyword phrases used in your pay per click program?
  • Does a significant portion of your primary target market go online for the products or services you offer?

Product or Service

  • How does the product selection or service offering outlined on your site compare to online competitors?


  • How does your website compare to those you compete against in both the organic and paid search listings?
  • How does it look from a visitor perspective – design, usability, trust elements, conversion path, load speed, etc.?

Landing Pages

  • How do your landing pages compare to those you compete against in both the organic and paid search listings?
  • Is the landing page the most relevant page on your site based on the ad copy?
  • Do the landing pages you’ve selected align with the defined keyword phrases?

Campaign Structure

  • Is your campaign structured using best practices?
  • Are the campaign-level settings at the “default” positions or are they optimized for your specific campaign, budget and market?
  • Do you have the search and content networks structured correctly?

Ad Groups

  • Do you have the correct number of ad groups and are they structured properly to obtain the best Quality Score?
  • Do you have enough ad groups to write relevant ad copy for the keywords within each group?

Ad Copy

  • Does your ad copy do an effective job of differentiating you from pay per click advertising competitors?
  • Is your unique selling proposition clear in the ad copy?
  • Is keyword insertion being used properly – if it should be used at all?


  • Do you have inactive or poor keywords that can negatively impact your quality score?
  • Are you using the match types properly for your keywords?


  • Do you have accurate and redundant tracking programs in place to ensure you are collecting and measuring the most accurate details?
  • Do you have the correct conversion goals, conversion paths and other measures in place?


  • Do you have the right metrics in place to accurately measure the effectiveness of your paid search program?
  • Do you have reports set up at the proper levels of detail, with the appropriate measures and correct timing?


Contact Terrakon Marketing for your Pay Per Click Audit today and start driving more profitable web traffic to your site.